Hello all,

I have to do a mid semester project for my online C++ course and I am having trouble finding a place to start. We were given a list of what needs to be included within the program that I am to write. I just don't have anything that comes to mind. I have about two weeks to finish the project and I don't want something that is overwhelmingly hard. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

the list of included material:

* contain at least two external functions and one inline function
* contain one array.
* contain one loop and a decision statement
* contain both local and global variables
* write to and read from a text file.
* contain one enumerated data type

This is a gimme. I'm going to give you a hint:

comma separated values from a text file handed to your application by command line, and parsed by data type.

Not enough? Think about it for a bit, and if you still need help, I'll give a more specific hint.

You could do a tiny interpreter. I think it would cover all requirements.

For an interpreter you could maybe take a look at this:

(in fact it's in C, even rusted (old) C, but you could maybe adapt some things from it)

I think a 'C' interpreter might be a too big a challenge for a newbie. How about a brainfsck interpreter?
You could use file-acces to load source files, an array to keep track of your datapointer etc..