my homework is to make a c program displayin de cosine series.....i made up one referrin buks but can it be made simpler or somethin using while statements..........

   int fact(int);//Global defenition
void main()
//to find the power pow(number,power);
//to find root sqrt(number)-- in math.h

float cosx(float,int);

float x;
int n;
float final;

cout<<"\n Enter the limit ";
cout<<"\n enter the value for x ";

cout<<"\n sum of cos series  for "<<n<<" terms is "<<final;

float cosx(float x,int lm)

   float term;
    float sum=1;
	for (int i=0;i<lm-1;i++)
  		//find factorial of c
  	int c=2;



int fact(int num)
{int res=1;
     for (int  j=1;j<=num;j++)
       { res=res*j;}

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you have a problem! You set c =2 inside the loop but add 2 to it at the bottom of the loop, which gets replaced at the top of the loop with 2 again.

I made your factorial incremental so that your function runs faster.
Also you're using floats' but you're using the double function pow(), where when using floats, you should be using powf().

You may want to re-examine your function and see if it realy does what you wanted!

float cosx(float x,int lm)
   float term;
   float sum=1;

     // Calculate our factorial on the fly
   float fkt = 1.0f * 2.0f;     // !2
   int c = 2;

   for (int i=0; i < lm-1; i++)
      term = - powf( x, c ) / fkt;
       sum = sum + term;

      fkt = fkt * (float)c++;  // Factorial xN   x (N+1)
      fkt = fkt * (float)c++;

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