Making a "hello" world program in VC++ 6.0 is cool, as I got a very happy feeling when i completed it... but reading alot of books to learn "a round about" way in something isn't me. I'm objective oriented.
What materials should I, could I, get my hands onto learn how to make the "basics" of a peice of software i want to design;

Server/Client Software


  • Use TCP/UDP to broadcast the same data to all clients.
  • Server initially sends IDs and other basic information describing IDs when client(s) connect (multiple IDs will be used)
  • Server calculates X,Y,Z coordinates for IDs by given shape, central point of shape, size, tilt, and volocity and streams moving coordinates to client(s)


  • Client recives ID package which holds basic infromation then reads the stream
  • Using the initial package loads "3ds" files, that are already on drive, on to a "basic" opengl/d3d 3d plane and places each object where the stream tells it to be.
  • Each ID may load diffrent 3Ds file.

For those of you who know what this is. Tehehehe, your smart.
It's a basic bot server, curently for entertainment purposes;
I wish to get ahold of knowladge that will direcly aid me in learning how to do this and learn how to do it better; putting 3d art aside, I got that colored...


don't attempt to jump ahead of what you know now, which seems to be nothing at all. Start at the beginng and work your way up. Some of the code and algorithms you will encounter may seem to be trivel or not relevent, but it really is. The Hello World program is only a bare beginning to what you will learn. No one learns to play the pinao by starting with Chopin or Beethoven and you can't learn to program by starting in the middle either. Read all the books you can get your hands on. There is a list of books and links at the beginning of this C++ board -- read the threads and take their advice.

if you want to program in c++ you need a very good foundation.

one design philisophy of c++(

C++ is designed to give the programmer choice, even if this makes it possible for the programmer to choose incorrectly

it could get nasty if you jump beginer level to advance if you dont know eg memory management

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