I'm working on a project in which i have to use J2ME. I've tried a few tutorials but they seem only to be especially oriented to specific problems, and in my programming experience i've learned that's always better to globally know your environment.

If anyone knows an e-book (or book) that could help me know the J2ME environment (some basic classes) i'd be very grateful.

Also, does anyone knows how to make a program that calls a specific number just after the user has called someone and hung up the phone? it would be a great help.


E-books, big issue if you get some like from O'Reilly they most likely out of date or illegal (which is big NO, NO here). The best you can do is limited preview from Google books like Beginning J2ME - From Novice to Professional or buy paper copy (if you decide to buy then you may want to go for newer version called Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications).
As for the calls, book show you basics how to start call, but it will not explain how to handle activities once connection established and also I'm not sure if there is functionality of finding out last called number. You may have more chances on this with Android, Symbian or Windows CE that are able query underlying operating system of device