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forget roseindia. The only thing you'll learn there is bad habits.

javac like with every other Java library.



Try the Spring download here. Download 2.5.6 which is the current production release for Spring.

Also, give the Spring official documentation a shot along with the myriad of books available on Google Books for preview. It must be enough to get you started.


okey thanks alot brother, s.o.s
I am downloading the spring-framework-2.5.6.sec01 with dependecies.zip

with my syrian connection, it should be finish in 2 hours lol..
i will give a look at that link as well. thank u very much.
i didnt know roseindia is bad, coz its what i found using google..
thanks for the link..

however just one more question. for example in vb.net i use .net framework 3.5 sp1 but the compiler i use is visual basic 2008 express.

in this case. whats the compiler that i got to use?? i am downloading spring framework.. but what compiler? netbeans, bluej??


>whats the compiler that i got to use??

You can use any compiler implementation which follows the JVM specification; the Sun JDK is pretty standard and is widely used. Download it here. [JDK Update 14]

>netbeans, bluej??

Those are IDE's and not compilers.


Netbeans is not a compiler, it is an IDE and it helps you build GUI programs in swing, so it will compile things for you but it itself is not a compiler. I don't know what bluej is (sounds familiar).

edit: posted at the same time.

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