I'm having an problem.. while compiling one of the sources.


Error 5 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "int __stdcall WSPConnect(unsigned int,struct sockaddr const *,int,struct _WSABUF *,struct _WSABUF *,struct _QualityOfService *,struct _QualityOfService *,int *)" (?WSPConnect@@YGHIPBUsockaddr@@HPAU_WSABUF@@1PAU_QualityOfService@@2PAH@Z) referenced in function _WSPStartup@76 spi.obj ifslsp

Thank You for your help.

        SOCKET                s,
        struct sockaddr FAR * name,
        int                   namelen,
        LPWSABUF              lpCallerData,
        LPWSABUF              lpCalleeData,
        LPQOS                 lpSQOS,
        LPQOS                 lpGQOS,
        LPINT                 lpErrno)
    SOCKET_CONTEXT *sockContext = NULL;
    SOCKADDR       *proxyAddr = NULL;
    int             proxyLen = 0,
                    rc = SOCKET_ERROR;

    char rulesFile[MAX_PATH] = "";

    // "l2.exe" # Route to L2Net
    char ruleLine[1024] = "";

    char progName[MAX_PATH] = "L2.exe";   // L2.exe
    char addrSource[MAX_PATH] = ""; // / h2.lr.bfdr.eu
    char addrDest[MAX_PATH] = "";   // / localhost

    if ( name->sa_family == AF_INET )
      GetModuleFileName((HMODULE)&__ImageBase, rulesFile, MAX_PATH);
      int i = lstrlen(rulesFile);
      for(;rulesFile[i] != '\\'; i--) rulesFile[i] = 0x0;
      lstrcat(rulesFile, "rules.cfg");

      FILE *fp;
      fp = fopen(rulesFile, "r");

      if(fp) // Sucessful opening
        while (!feof(fp))
          if( fgets(ruleLine, sizeof(ruleLine), fp) != NULL )
            ZeroMemory(progName, sizeof(progName));
            ZeroMemory(addrSource, sizeof(addrSource));
            ZeroMemory(addrDest, sizeof(addrDest));
            ParseLine(ruleLine, progName, addrSource, addrDest);
            if (!lstrlen(progName) || !lstrlen(addrSource) || !lstrlen(addrDest))
            { // If one of string args is wrong... clean all
              ZeroMemory(progName, sizeof(progName));
              ZeroMemory(addrSource, sizeof(addrSource));
              ZeroMemory(addrDest, sizeof(addrDest));
              char exePath[MAX_PATH] = "";
              char exeName[MAX_PATH] = "";
              GetModuleFileName(NULL, exePath, sizeof(exePath));
              int i = lstrlen(exePath);
              for(;exePath[i] != '\\'; i--); i++;
              for(int j = 0; exePath[i] != 0; i++, j++) exeName[j] = exePath[i];

              if(!lstrcmpi(exeName, progName))
              { // Equal... so rule is for current process

                // Redirect one destination to another
                LPCH ReqAddr = inet_ntoa(((SOCKADDR_IN*)name)->sin_addr);
                if ( !lstrcmpi(ReqAddr, addrSource) ) // if Equal
                  // replace with NEW
                  ((SOCKADDR_IN*)name)->sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr(addrDest);
                  // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< replasing goes here

                //hostent* d_addr = gethostbyname(addrSource);
                //mbEx("H_ADDR of host(%s): '%u.%u.%u.%u'", addrSource,
                //  d_addr->h_addr_list[0][0], d_addr->h_addr_list[0][1], d_addr->h_addr_list[0][2], d_addr->h_addr_list[0][3]);

                //mbEx("exeName: \"%s\"\nprogName: \"%s\"\n\naddrSource: \"%s\"\naddrDest: \"%s\"",
                //  exeName, progName, addrSource, addrDest);

            ZeroMemory(ruleLine, sizeof(ruleLine));


include the proper header files.which all header files you are using?

#include "lspdef.h"
#include <fstream>

Just those two.

lspdef.h -

#ifndef _PSDK_BLD
#include <nt.h>
#include <ntrtl.h>
#include <nturtl.h>

#include <ws2spi.h>
#include <mswsock.h>
#include <ws2tcpip.h>
#include <mstcpip.h>

#ifndef _PSDK_BLD
#include <lspcommon.h>
#include "..\common\lspcommon.h"

Its a linker error you are getting.If the main function cant find the original module for the called function compiler show this error.

Look into this.

Check the paramaters passed in by the caller - they dont seem to match with the definition for WSPConnect - if using C++ that would mean attempt to resolve to different fn - which it wont find
There should be a compile warning to "cant find function WSPConnect ...." assuming ...

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