hi again me .... I have a project about some stupid math calculations :)... NOw my question is how can user assign structure name??..
I mean in my program I ask from user some vertices and coordinates for polygons.. then I calculate lenght ,area.... kind of things... But I realize project ask me ''it can be another user variable"...
for example I am entering abc's coordinates calculate length area....
but program wants I have to do abc also def or efg.... I mean more than one variables....
now Do I have to use sturcture?? I think I should but I must assign abc def or whatever as a structure name to realize them............

oofffff..........I am tired when I am explain :(
please help if anyone understand what the hell I mean :)

note= I cant write my project now because everyone cheking on the net now :(

I think my projects wants me assign "blabla" from user???

typedef struck blabla{
int a;
char s[];

I am really not sure what you are asking but the "I have a project about some stupid math calculations" caught my eye. If you are working on a Programming Project I can assume you are taking a programming course. Programming is math (basically) so saying some stupid match calculation seems a little odd to me. But that is just my opinion.

Post the full and proper code / question (no blah blah blah) and we can help you some more.

Yeah, I didn't understand a thing you said. Can you maybe explain in English, then we can help you.