you think so?

if you do,

please post some of your reasons why java is easy to understand in this thread..


  1. Java language is a simple language is that there is good chance most people will use it the same way.
  2. Huge library.
  3. Write once. Run everywhere.

If you're just learning it and have no real programming experience beforehand then of course it's difficult.

.thats true..its not hard or difficult what java is..but once you made a progam of it, really made me just a beginner,,in the first it is easy for me but afetr a long time studying it..hmmp..i think i want to quit..hehe..juz jowking..

Java is no harder than any other language of comparable power.
What really affects understandability is how you code it; if all the class and member names are really descriptive and the comments are helpful, then the code will be a lot clearer.