Hi everybody:

I want to make a java application, but I can't think of anything to make. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Ive tried this but quit ( I may try again), a program that draws a graph and then the user choses 2 points and then the slope of the line is calculated and outputed

any other ideas?

Hi everyone,

Make a database that does not require any programming something like Microsoft Access if you can.

Richard West

What about an application to a bank account? I don't know my idea is too easy or hard but any way I'll just say it. Imagine a bank offers two kinds of accounts current and mobile account, you can set limits for the two accounts like minimum balance or highest.Also each account has its own behavior but have common as well(inheritance). you can make it hard by adding a tax(say 5% from the amount)for the current account if the holder try to deposit more than a limit(say $50,000) and automatically tax is substituted.If you pple are using the NetBeans try to build the GUI as well. Enjoy! :)

Five years ago he may have found that suggestion helpful - now, not so much.

You could try a web browser or something. That might be a bit intermediate but you could look for a tutorial on youtube. What i sometimes do on youtube is type in
'how to make a java' then it will come up with stuff like 'how to make a java calculator' and stuff like that! :)

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