I need to know some basic information here.
I want to develop a small software which I want to market as a product on CD. Please can anyone let me know the basic steps of how to go about it?
I have experience in programming but I do not know how to go about the whole product.
Pls guide. Thanks.

Software development is a big thing. Do you have a specific customer, or or do you just want to make a generic product for general use?

First step (as much as I hate it) is design. You have to set out exactly what every part of the programme is going to do. Take a look at UML - it a visual language that has become the standard for documentation of software. Far as I know the current standard is UML 2.0. Amongst the diagrams I used, I found Use Case Diagrams and activity diagrams to be amongst the most useful. They can help you to map out your thoughts :)

I'd suggest you get at least a lot of preliminary documentation down before you even touch a computer. You'll need it. Moking a software system is a requirement for my current year at university, and trust me its a far bigger job than you think it is :)

Hope that helps some