Hello friends ...

I m student.
I m thinking to make my career with C++ and/or JAVA.

I know little bit about java career and jobs available in market,
but i don't know much about C++ career.

Is there good opportunities for C++ programmer in market??
Can i get good job with C++??

Which types of projects and demand of C++ in market??

can any one help me?

any answer will be helpful for me...

thanks in advance.

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Don't limit yourself to just c++. Also take courses in C#, VB, Java. HTML, and other languages to broaden your skills. And toss in a course or two in databases, such as SQL language. The more you know the better your resume will look to potential employers.



you r right.....

and i also know vb.net,C#.net and oracle,sql server....

but i want to get mastery in C++...

wht u say and know about opportunities in C++ in market??


My knowledge of current market conditions is a bit outdated now. With the current economic conditions there are lots of out-of-work programmers (and others). Hopefully that will change in the next year or so. Current job market conditions will depend on where you live and where you are willing to work.

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