I have been using just SDL for alot, but it really olny does 2d things well. So I started learning OpenGL from the tutorials at http://anomtech.uuuq.com/ I was fine using Dev-C++ until the textures tutoiral, where the program would immedently crash as soon as I compiled/started it. So the maker of the tutourals used Visual C++ so I got it thinking that would solve my problem. I got it, put all the SDL related header files I could find into include about four .a files into the lib folder downloaded his source zip file, and opened his .vcproj file. When I tryed to compile I got this error: c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\vc\include\sdl\sdl_config.h(34) : fatal error C1189: #error : You should copy include/SDL_config.h.defaut

So it won't run/compile and I'm stuck.

(It's visual C++ 2008 express edition)

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I get this error with the link you posted

403 Forbidden!

The address you have entered is not open to the public,
(This may be caused by not having a index.html file in your root directory).

We advise you to visit our home page, as you could still find the page you are looking for:

I get this error with the link you posted

try index.php

That doesn't work either. My guess is that I would have to be a registered user in order to access that page.

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