How to make a code for this using multidimensional array in java:

Underwear Unit Price Quantity Amount
Brief 10.00 5 50.00
Panty 5.00 20 100.00
Bra 25.00 1 25.00


use class for this.
store all the info in class.
store class in to array.

Wow, I had to do this one in school too!

Get as much down on code as you can and we can help you step through were you're stuck

You need to tell us more.

Do you want the program to be able to multiply out values for you and store them or do you just want it to be a container for values that you decide?

And try to do it first. There are plenty of tutorials out on the internet. Use them if you absolutely have no idea what to do and can't figure it out.

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