i tried to read integer values from a file but it didnt work.
fscanf could only read strings.. why?
or am i not doing sumfin ryt??

here's my code:

 int a=0;
 FILE *p;
 p = fopen("Customer_Records.txt", "r");
                   fscanf(p, " %[^\n]", profile[a].name);
                   printf("\n %s", profile[a].name);
                   fscanf(p, " %[^\n]", profile[a].phone);
                   printf("\n %s", profile[a].phone);
                   fscanf(p, " %[^\n]", profile[a].email);
                   printf("\n %s",  profile[a].email);
                   fscanf(p, " %d %d %d", &profile[a].entry.day, &profile[a].entry.month, &profile[a].entry.year);
                   printf("\n %d/%d/%d", profile[a].entry.day, profile[a].entry.month, profile[a].entry.year);
                   fscanf(p, " %d", &profile[a].acct_no);
                   printf("\n %d %d", profile[a].acct_no);


i'm trying to locate a particular customer's record with this function and it seems to print the first record no matter what account no i enter. and it can't read the correct account number on the screen. it only shows 0's for all the int values. and sometimes shows the date when i dont ask for it like i hav now in the console.

this is the output:

 Account Name: Samira Ali
 Phone Number: 4214920
 E-mail Address: frtgfcvbnj

those values were jus trial values i entered and this is what's in the file(they'r all trial values):

Account Name: Samira Ali
Phone Number: 4214920
E-mail Address: frtgfcvbnj
Date of Application: 12/12/1212

Account Name: Sam li
Phone Number: 4215048
E-mail Address: werghgvf
Date of Application: 23/12/1999

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