We need a good open source issue tracking program which is compatible with SVN and windows platform. We are developing programs with VS 2005. Do you have any suggestions?

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What about Bugzilla? I believe it's open source, it's certainly free and it can be used with various CVS systems SVN/GIT/VSS/Perforce etc...

Every company I've worked for has used it for tracking bugs, my previous employer used it with SVN(nice!) and VSS(blech!).
My current employers use it with Perforce(nice!).

From what I've heard (and judging by some of the rather explicit outbursts from our network administrators office), Bugzilla can be a bit fiddly to set up properly. But once it's up and running it's pretty solid!

MantisBT and Trac (as endorsed by ShawnCplus) are a couple of other popular bugtrackers. I believe Trac integrates quite easily (and rather well) with SVN.....Never used it, but heard good things about it!

Hope that's of some use to you.
Cheers for now,

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