Hello All,
I am a new user of c++. Until now I just worked on basic console applications. I have to develop a program which will be able read two images and open them in separate windows and do some geometric calculations background. Also this program should allow user to perform zoom in and zoom out operations. And also when user clicks a particular pixel on the image the program should give information about that pixel. After a brief explanation of the program, my question is, what would be the best starting point for GUI at c++? I checked some predefined libraries like QT but I do not know what to do exactly. Could you please give me suggestions about this issue? By the way I am using visual studio 2005. I have a little experience on VB and it is easy to create interface with that (just drag and drop), is it same at c++? I appreciate for helps,

Thank you

There is no simple answer.

You might want to look through The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page.

TrollTech Qt is a good choice if you can use it -- it has some powerful image handling capabilities.

GTK+ is also a very good choice for image handling.

IDE's like VB's are a different thing. MSVS is similar -- it will allow you to drag-and-drop yourself a user interface. If you plan to use this route, you might want to look just for a C/C++ imaging library you can use to manipulate the images in your program.

I'm sure others here might have better suggestions. Nevertheless, I hope this helps.

You don"t need anything for a so simple task ! (never use external libraries on Windows, as everything is included )
Just use basic Win32 api (GDI)
It's done in a few minutes...