I am developing a windows application wherein i need the application to work in the following way :

Say i have a textbox n listbox .
Say in a textbox i type R then all the items in the listbox that contains the letter "R" in them should be listed below the textbox ina dropdown fashion ....as we usually get in google.com / gmail when v send mails..etc....

if ne one has done ne similar application plz...extend kindly help....
if ne one can suggest ne site where i can get plz do let me know :)

awating response...


Have you tried looking at the autocompletesource, autocompletecustomsource and autocompletemode properties from the TextBox (as of .Net 2.0 I think?)

Try Listbox.FindString to lookup the typed text, then use the returned index to set ListBox.TopIndex = index, which will make those items beginning with your typed text appear at the top of the listbox.

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