lately i downloaded nasm for compiling .asm files but when im trying to compile something(by using in cmd "d:\nasm\nasm.exe -f bin d:\nasm\myfile.asm -o d:\nasm\") i get the following error: "d:\nasm\hw.asm:4: error: parser: instruction expected"... does anyone know why and wanna help me? thanx in advance

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Hi uu666,
What is your source code?I mean what it does contain.

the attached file...

i have no ideea how this code works but i decided that ill learn 'computer's arhitecture' while learning assembly because honestly doesnt make any sense to me just learning 'how computer works' if i dont even know what im learning about, will help me with the asm language... my point is, i just wanna get used with the compiling and stuff like this. thanx alot for helping me :!:

ps. the code is taken from emu8086(a kinda editor+compiler)'s exercises...

Hi uu666,
It's not a big problem since you should comment out the line:

name "hi"

and that's all.
And your code would look like this:

; The easiest way to print out "Hello, World!"

;name "hi"

org 100h

jmp start ; jump over data declaration

msg: db "Hello, World!", 0Dh,0Ah, 24h

start: mov dx, msg ; load offset of msg into dx.
mov ah, 09h ; print function is 9.
int 21h ; do it!

mov ah, 0
int 16h ; wait for any key....

ret ; return to operating system.

and assemble your code using this:

nasm.exe -o hw.txt

Good luck.

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