Hey everybody :)

I am writing a program in NetBeans to write an invoice...

the user has to click a few buttons to add the values and then clicks the "add to order" button and the information is stored in a jTable (this is all working)

when the user clicks print, which prints out a page with a header (that i have working) and what I would like it to also print out is the information in the jTable (this i dont have working)

how do I print the information in the table in an organized fashion and in a specific spot on the page?

I have tried using the jTable.print() method and that did not do what I wanted because it printed a seperate page but I liked that it printed the table with lines

anyways if someone could give me some insight that would be much appreciated


"...and in a specific spot on the page?" I don't understand. Where on the page do you want it to print?

I would like to print the table 3/4 down the page

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