Ok i've just started programming(<-- i bought a book)well just started learning, and already 2days in im faceing issues i cant deal with yet or dont understand (well i am on a mac).

so i think it would be a smart move getting a mentor(a nice person willing to exchange email and IM address to help me out with my development as a developer/programmer)

just think you could have me hammer out loads of repetative stuff that you dont wanna do or have me help you in any way i can in exchange for advice, help, tutorials and tips n tricks.

I thank any one who took the time to read this tread, be it your interested or not... thank you for your time.

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Unless your mentor is a total guru (and they're few and far between), you would be better off hanging around an open forum such as this one. That way people who help you can be corrected if they make mistakes, and you won't be pushed unknowingly into bad habits.

umm.. i never looked at it lat way before

Thats true, good comment ... Also thats what the forum is here for. To help others out in any way they can :)

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