Hi all,

I am a new software developer that recently joined my company right after I finished my school. We use Microsoft Visual C++ for development. While at work, I found that many co-workers are very experienced in software development; they can code quickly to solve the problems. I feel the peer pressure and I want to improve my C++ coding skills and abilities urgently.

Though I have some coding tasks to do at work, I want to find more moderate-size problems to tackle at my spare-time. I don't want those problem sets in textbooks: they are too small and can usually be finished in 1 hour or so. I want to work on problems that can take days to work on, (e.g., multi-threaded programming, client-server communication, HTTP protocol exercises etc.).

Can anyone provide me a good source of such problem sets? Thank you very much!

Sane has posted many problems that you can work on. Link here See especially his Monthly Algorithms Challenges

You can buy the C++ book by Stroustrup , at the end of every chapter there are good exercizes.