I am working on an application and I have SQL server 2008 running on my local machine when I start the application everything works fine, but when I moved my application to my laptop the program connects to sql server, but it cannot find any of my stored procedures when connecting remotely. I am not sure if it is something in may code or SQL server. Any way to fix this?


It sounds like you're connecting to the wrong database on the server or you're using a different schema. Try to do "exec dbo.sproc" on your laptop as you're probably an admin on your desktop and thus it was created under the dbo schema. If you're already calling the sproc with dbo then it must be something else.

I got it working. My laptop isn't on the domain, but my computer is. So I added a user name to sql server and used a sql server authentication instead of windows authentication. It seems to work now.

That works :)

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