I saved a few stored procedures in SQL Server Management Studio. The default Save location, which I accepted, was C:\Documents and Settings\BobLewiston\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Projects. (And yes, each stored procedure was in the form of an .sql file, and I assigned each file name root to be the same as the contained procedure's name.) But this Projects folder must be the wrong place, because my apps aren't finding these stored procedures.

I see a lot of .sql files in various places on my hard drive, but I can't find any by the names of the stored procedures listed in Management Studio's Stored Procedures folder (none of which I wrote). For that matter, I'm not even finding the Stored Procedures folder on my hard drive.

Where are stored procedures SUPPOSED to be saved?

Stored procedures need to be created using the CREATE PROCEDURE statement and then executed (F5 or the green play button in the toolbar). They are compiled and stored in the database itself. If you choose save in the Mangement Studio file menu this is just a convenient way to save your TSQL as a text file for use elsewhere, or to send to someone else, or to re-create it as part of a deployment script if you want to set up the same database on another Sql Server instance.

Thanks, problem solved. It turns out that although I had been told to save stored procedures via Ctrl-F5, it's actually F5. Again, thanks.

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