i am little bit confused to access the class function through pointer.
Consider the pointer variable
Class Ball
Void Do()

Void main()
Ball &r = *(new Ball );
Can i access via
Which way is correct and please explain me why it is like that ?

I think it is more advisable to instantiate an object using this syntax:
Ball *r = new Ball;

if you will follow the syntax that i've said, you can access member functions and variables using the following syntax:

r -> Do();

either of the 2 is correct.

The first syntax (*r).Do();
- *r is pertaining to the Ball object that the pointer 'r' is pointing to.
- Don't forget to enclose *r in parenthesis.

The second syntax r -> Do();
- this one is better than the first syntax. The -> operator signifies that 'r' is a POINTER to an object with a member function Do().
- this syntax is more advisable rather than the first one, because it is much easier to understand and remember.

Hope you found this helpful.