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Go To "File" then at the bottom part of the sub menu bar, you will see the name of your project there like this:

"Make Project1.exe..."

There click it then a dialog box will appear, and from there you can set some properties of your program (e.g. The version Info. Company Name, Author, etc.) and you can also use a type of compilation of your program(FOR Advanced Programmers Only). like using the "p-code" option or using the "native-code", or the other options.

If your dealing with databases or if you're going to distribute your program or application over the internet or if you're creating ActiveX controls that are embedded in an HTML page., I suggest that you use the "p-code" option because it is faster than the "native-code".

I'm not an advanced programmer, I just know it because I have read it from a book...^_^...Thanks and Good Luck!

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