Hi Friends
I have about 10 hour recorded sound and now i need when user click in one button from that sound minutes of 6:45 play and then after 5 second it stops how i can do it(not from at the beginnig i want it start from 6:45 reapet not from the beginnig of the sound)?
it is possible with SoundPlayer or axWindowsMediaPlayer?
PLZ help me
i's in hurry

thanks dear
your link was great and useful
but i don't know how change it that i get to my aim
when we play a sound it start from 00:00 but i need it start from 03:00
for example how i can do it?
Thank you

First create some variables to hold your sound objects, you want them to have a full scope so create them directly in the class.

protected IrrKlang.ISoundEngine irrKlangEngine;
		protected IrrKlang.ISound currentlyPlayingSound;

then in the form's constructor initialize the the sound engine.

irrKlangEngine = new IrrKlang.ISoundEngine();

then in the load event or a button or whaver you want it to start use

currentlyPlayingSound = irrKlangEngine.Play2D(filenameTextBox.Text, true);

            currentlyPlayingSound.PlayPosition = //how ever far you want it to start;

just play with the properties of the sound object to manipulate its volume, play position, play length. ect. ect. ect.

hi thanks dear

Hi all,

you can simply use axWindowMediaPlayer for seeking the start positio.
Before start set the currentPosition property of the axwindowmediaplayer.

//for 3 minutes
axMediaPlayer1.CurrentPosition=180; // value in seconds