evry bdy dre........ i need help..
im working in C# with SQL..... i have window form ....

in ma application i have to login ...... i want that when i fisrt enter my id and pasword then after my login .... my id and corrected pasword is saved ..... n when ever i open that application again then i write only my id then my pasword will be dre in pasword feild.......... how this can be done in C# window form .... plz tel me n help me out....

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bad english
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go fa ya app and ma it a roole and pu it in ya a...


to the OP.
there is a million ways, easiest would be to create 2 user settings that is of string type, and on successful log in, save them, then load then with the app and check on the on key up event, have it check the username text box and if it matches the saved one, have it load the password...

same could be applied to a database for remembering multiple usernames and passwords. if you wanted too...



If u r storing password in encrypted form in database, it would be better to store the encrypted password in windows registry. store the username, and encrypted password in windows registry. Also while loading the application, decrypt the password stored in windows registry and show it as '*'.

I think that this is going to solve ur issue.



Please take the time to spell out "your" instead of "ur" when posting on Daniweb

.NET favors machine level and user level configuration files over the registry.

I would suggest you "revize ur methodz"(sic)

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