I'm now doing a project on c# sql project.I have a database problem,:'( when a user gives the input dynamically through the front end ,the user data can be view through data grid view .but it is not getting stored in the original database.I have tried a lot to achieve this problem.Also, a combo box present in my project is editable to user,how may i disable it, so that user can select it from the existing list. Since i'm a newbie to this programming world,i don't know much about it.:S
any idea why?
Anyway advance thanks.:$

Welcome ajijacobm,
Check the content of database which is located at Bin folder.

I'd like to answer ur second qustion about combo box.
if u do a kind of web project, then u can solve this problem by 2 ways: first of all, u can rewrite a dropdownlist control, which is a little bit difficult and complex.
The other one is to make a float div. U can add a textbox and a button which can control the div.
I really hope it can help u !plz feel free to contact me.

That zip file threw 40 decompression errors when I tried to deflate it. What did you use to pack it?

thanks...and why does it happen only in the bin folder...
when executing the project, it is not saved..