Ive know started up programming again.

My last try was in delphi where my best project was a security screensaver.

Ive know decided to start up programming again and my choice this time was java whit netbeans and my project would be to rewrite the Security screensaveer and add any extra options i have figured out in my absence.

Ive spend the last 3-4 days reading java basics and finding the saverbeans SDK used some (to many) hourst configurering ant, learning to load an existing project (bouncingline) compiling it to a scr and then move it to system32.

where i at last got it to worked.

What troubles me is it seems that bouncingline takes controll of the entire screen makes it black and bounce a colored line around.
(where i in security screensaver in delphi had a form whit an image box and an exit button in top left cornor that opened a seperate password form)

whit these options im wondering if it will be possible to load images to be shown in the screen (whit seizeable options like stretch/resize large/resize large and small),

and if it will be possible for me to prevent the screen from closing unless u enter the right password in an alternative form (opened by the exit button or maybe here in java whit a key combination).

i hope someone can answer me on these question so that my work wont go to waste.

Best Regards,