I have files called “1.c , 2.c, 3.c and 4.c.

With these four files I created a project in visual studio 6.0.
This project creates “Raja.dll (and this “Raja.dll file will be used in another project).

Here is my question…

As you know after we get *.dll file, if we want to change few lines in any of the above files (say 1.c) we have to go back to project and change the required lines (in 1.c file) and then create new *.dll file and so on..,

Instead of this is there any way to create updated *.dll (say new_Raja.dll) from Raja.dll and 1.obj files (“1.obj file get it from “1.c“) directly instead of going back to the project and change 1.c and create “Raja.dll?

The reason for asking this is I donot want to give access to “2.c, 3.c, 4.c.

Can we do this in visual studio?
Is there any way to do this in Matlab also?

Let me know if you donot understand my question.

Thank you for your time,


I have idea to solve the problem which I mentioned earlier. But I am not sure whether it is possible or not? If it is possible I don’t know how to do this (as I am new to VC++ 6.0).

First create LIB file using 2.c, 3.c, and 4.c.

Then user can create his own *.dll file by using LIB file and his 1.obj file. Due to this user cannot have access information inside 2.c, 3.c, and 4.c . At the same time user can create their own *.dll file with modified 1.obj file

If this procedure is correct I am wondering if anyone knows how to create LIB files only with 2.c, 3.c, and 4.c (without using 1.c)? And how to create new *.dll file from newly created LIB file and 1.obj file?

Thank you for your time,