hi guys..i need help with my assignment..hpoe u can help\

A credit card company charges its customers monthly interest for any unpaid balance. Assuming that you owe the credit card company some money, you have decided to stop using the card and to pay off the debt by making a monthly payment of a fix amount.
Write a program that prompts the user for the outstanding balance, monthly interest rate and the monthly payment. The program will then calculates and displays the balance and total payments so far for every succeeding month until the balance is zero. The payment for the last month could be less than that for the previous months.
I am to display the output neatly in a table form..

a sample output is shown..

how do i go about it?? im still very new to java programming..pls help..a million thanks in advance..

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If you have not yet learnt how to read varibles and do some calculation and write them back on standard output , you might have just chosen a wrong subject .

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