can anyone help me getting some topic for c++ project.....
i m not getting an idea on which i can work and make a program or project in c++....


How well do you know c++?

for loops, do while, if else, class, ...?

Also there is practice problem here.

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To the OP:
Broken dot-key?

As firstPerson said, we need to know exactly how well you know C++, otherwise we'll maybe suggest things which you'll find way to difficult to accomplish using your current knowledge.
So, please make up a list for us (please be as specific as possible), and post it down.

Also useful for us to know is: what kind of applications have you programmed so far? (we'll try to measure your practice), if your list of applications is limited to only a mere "Hello World"-program, then this (your project) will be a big challenge for you.

i know c++ much better...............
i had made 1 project during school days of hotel management, banking....
now i m doing B-tech in IT and i m in 2nd year..........
give me some idea about some projects.........
nw will u tell me something about urself.....

Okay, what do you think of writing an expression parser?
That is a program which for example takes an expression as a string, evaluates it and reports the result to the user.

An example:
Input: 5+5*2+1
Output: 16

this is quite an easy one.....

this is quite an easy one ...
tell me something else..

this is quite an easy one.....

That's a usual answer when you've not thought too much about the problem.

It's not as easy as:

get [I]first operand[/I]
while(operands present) {
   get [I]second operand[/I]
   result = [I]first operand[/I] op [I]second operand[/I]

because that procedure neglects the precedence of operators, but it could of course just be that you find it easy.

Want something else?
Invent your own computer language and write an interpreter for it.