i've done a of couple searches on this board and i haven't really found any answer to this. so-

how can i get graphics into my c++ programs. From the books i've been looking through there aren't many, if any graphic commands, in the .net and visual c++ versions of c++. (if im wrong feel free to yell at me - im running .net on windows XP) I've looked at a couple sites for 3d graphics programs (3d game studio and Darkbasic?) I played around with 3d game studio for a little while but didnt acomplish much. Is there a way to run graphics from one of these with c++. I havent really linked any files together yet in the compiler or anything along those lines. Not trying to sound stupid here , only made it through have of my text book so far - let me know if theres any simple answers , or totally not simple answers. thanks a lot.

#include <iostream.h>
#include <g2++.h>
#include <g2_X11++.h>

const int HEIGHT= 200;
const int WIDTH = 200;

int main(void)
int window;

/* Open a window on screen. Keep it's device ID */
window = g2_open_X11(WIDTH, HEIGHT);

/* Let's define some colors now */
int black_ink = g2_ink(window,0,0,0);
int blue_ink = g2_ink(window,0,0,1);
int yellow_ink = g2_ink(window, 0.7,0.7,0);
int white_ink = g2_ink(window,1,1,1);

/* clear screen */
g2_set_background(window, black_ink);

/* Give it a face */

/* and eyes */
g2_filled_circle(window, 113,115,5);

/* and a nose */

/* and a mouth */


return 0;

Enter this in an Edit window and save it just as you would any other C++ program. (Remember to end the file name with .cpp to distinguish it as a C++ source code.) This example displays the picture to the right on the screen. There are a few things to note about this progam:

* The placement of the necessary lines to open up the graphics library,
* The last line, cin.get(), which makes the program wait for a return character from the keyboard.

thanks a lot , that'll help a lot - are there ways to import other graphic files into the program though? bitmaps, gifs , whatever 3d files are? (dont really have any idea how i'd use them than , but just wondering)

also - .net uses 'iostream' - no '.h' - it refers to iostream.h as the "old" version. thanks a lot for the code though!

ok - i tried the code , .net tells me it doesnt have the iostream.h or either of the other 2. im not sure if im just missing something or what?

That means you're using Linux ? Ok..then.I don't know the diff between vc++6 and vc++.net . I bought the 2000 enterprise edition recently I don't wanna buy that 7 cd .net edition right now :confused:
Oh..too bad..does that mean your code is for g++... :-|

I'm ashamed I don't know who is Richard Stallman? Btw, who is Stroustrup-the inventor of c++? is it a super comp or just a person.

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can sombody make a simple project of graphics in c++?
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