Hi, I am a newbee here so please be nice to me!
I am trying to develop a program in Visual Studio 2005, just to write a program to add a name and age of a student using a form to a database ( i would like to use MS Access 2007). I created the form with save button and two text boxes.
What I want is
When I click the button it should add a line in the database and save the data I have typed in the text boxes.
Would anybody help me!
By using Visual Studio 2005 am I able to develop a standalone program to record the two data for each student?
Thanks in advance

Welcome season2001,
Have a look at - Learning ADO.NET

SUMMARY:ADO.NET is a data-access technology that enables applications to connect to data stores and manipulate data contained in them in various ways. It is based on the .NET Framework and it is highly integrated with the rest of the Framework class library. The ADO.NET API is designed so it can be used from all programming languages that target the .NET Framework, such as Visual Basic, C#, J# and Visual C++.

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