Hi, was wondering if anyone could put this simple pseudo code into c++, i have not yet learned the code to do it and dont want to wait. If someone could post it i would appreiciate it a lot, thanks!

Enter #
Clear Screen
Count = 0;
WHILE (Count < Entered #)
Display "C++ is so much fun!!"
Write 3 blamk lines
FOR (# of times)
Display "I Am Somebody"

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i have not yet learned the code to do it and dont want to wait.

You can learn on your own how to do it and not have to wait for your class to catch up. Then again, patience is an important trait for a programmer to have. Rushing through something because you are impatient can have disastrous results later on.

If you have not leaned c++ there is obviously no way you can do this problem. When you start to learn the basics of c++ the solution to this problem will become quite easy to achieve. Don't get ahead of yourself. If you know nothing about c++, don't expect to be able to write programs in c++. Wait until you learn c++ to tackle this problem.

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