what is good source code management system for .net developers.
Our scenario is that we're 4 developers , working on pcs that are on a network that we don't control.

Some network drives get cleared every night !!
Is there way that a Master software app(on one dev's machine) can get updated from every developer's changes that can be committed on network drive.


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I personally recommend subversion+trac but you need a server that will maintain the repository. You *never* want to work off of the repository copy of the version control system.

What you can do is have a "master" copy on one developers machine and he has a local copy of the master like the 4 other devs .. so he would never work in the master copy. You would have to install the server side components on his machine but it will work.

Also -- CVS is a "version control system". You should refer to it as source control and not CVS, unless you're talking about CVS.

Examples: GIT (linux kernel), CVS, SVN.


Okay , so I should investigate subversion and trac.

To go into more detail , the developers work on a .net Solution and each one add(s) or works on a Project .
3 of the machines use VS2008 and one , the main one is VS 2005.
All the intranet clients have .net framework 2
.So we have to update the VS2005 pc code so client's don't have to install .net framework 3 / 3.5

Right now we manually copy and update the VS2005 machine , but sometimes we don't ( and this is where the problem might occur if we give a user a dll/exe that has not been made changes on different pcs)


VS2005/2008 has nothing to do with the destination framework version, it only has to do with how the project files are. VS2005/2008 cannot read from the same project files but they both can compile for framework 2.0, 3.0, etc.

You set the framework version in the project's settings.

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