I just want to update tree with value.

B1 B2
C1 C2 C3 ?

I'm setting count values for all. by default it will be 0. All these values will be stored in db

At this stage A Count=1; B1 Count=1; B2 Count=0

suppose if i add node c4, B2 count should be 1, and Count for A should be incremented by 1 so it should be 1. If A have any top node then I need to check the count and update it.

How it is possible?????? using C#

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If you are looking for a way to count all child nodes of each node, including children of any branches, then that it pretty easy. You just need a recursive method to do it.

It's hard to understand the logic of the relationships and the outcome of what you are doing. Maybe you can clarify it.


can u give me ur id so that i can explain u while u come in online

You should explain it in here because if I am unable to help you, someone else will if they understand what you are asking.:)

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