i'm transfering simple(small) files (using jsp) from client to server.
what is the difference when i do it using apache commons and without using commons(by using files)?
i've done it with files.....should i shift to apache commons?

guess me!

What are you talking about? What from apache commons do you want to use? Are you thinking of using the FTP library from commons, or something else? The question, IMHO, doesn't make a lot of sense.

commented: Look at his username, I guess you'll have to guess it :P +21

Okay. And?

If that is an API in commons, then you might want to switch to it (it's liable to be a bit more flexible, and at the same time stable than yours), but whether it performs better than yours or not, or is just plain overkill or not (both of those dependant on what you are actually doing) are other questions.