hello i have to write TCP socket program that mimic SSL handshake protocols. and I do not know where to start
my socket programs for Client and Server should be able to communicate with each other. and I want Demonstrate this by sending a packet from Client with the phrase “Hello Server” in it. Upon receipt the Server will send a packet back saying “Hello Client”.

After that I want send a formal “client_hello” message from Client
to Server. This packet should contain the fields required by the SSL
Handshake Protocol (Version, Random, Session ID, CipherSuite,
Compression Method). It is not important that I get all details of these fields correct.

I have chat program that run between client and server, Can I just change a little bit of this chat program to creat socket program that mimic SSL handshake protocols? If so how?

and is there any web site that contains some examples of socket program like these?