I'm newbie in python and I'm using python 3.1

From the project ideas thread, I try to write a small module to calculate your age in years, months and days. Calculating the ages without the month (only years and days) would be easy, but adding the months makes me start to think about the algorithms.

Since I'm new, I don't know whether there are already methods from available modules in python.

The code is working correctly already (I tried to put in several possibilities and all result seems to be correct). But I don't feel satisfied with my code, as I think that the code can still be optimized.

Any ideas, advices, critiques are welcome.

def agecounter():
    dd = int(input('Enter your Day of Birth: '))
    mm = int(input('Enter your Month of Birth: '))
    yy = int(input('Enter your Year of Birth: '))

    from datetime import date

    birthday = date(yy,mm,dd)
    now = date.today()

    now_dd = now.day
    now_mm = now.month
    now_yy = now.year
    lastyear = date(now_yy,mm,dd)               # Latest birthday year
    if lastyear > now:                          # This year not yet having birthday
        last_yy = now_yy - 1                    # Last birtday is last year
        lastyear = date(last_yy,mm,dd)
    yearage = lastyear.year - birthday.year     # Count year age


    # Counting the month age
    if now_mm >= mm:
        if now_mm - mm > 1:
            monthage = now_mm - mm
        elif now_mm - mm == 1:
            if now_dd > dd:
                monthage = 1
                monthage = 0
            if yearage == 0 and now_mm == mm and now_dd < dd:
                monthage = 11
                monthage = 0
        if now_dd > dd:
            monthage = 12 + now_mm - mm
            monthage = 11 + now_mm - mm

    lastmonth = date(now_yy,last_mm,dd)

    # Counting the day age
    if now_dd > dd:
        last_mm = now_mm                        # Use this month as latest month
        last_mm = now_mm - 1                    # Use last month as latest month
    #dayage = now - lastyear
    dayage = now - lastmonth    
    print('You were born on',birthday.strftime('%A'))
    print('You are', yearage, 'years,',monthage,'months and',dayage.days, 'days old.')
    #print('You are', yearage, 'years and',dayage.days, 'days old.')

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i dont think there is any better way to do this, sorry if i am wrong but the code all looks good, not sure that it needs it but maybe have several modules like:


and others like that?

thanks for the reply.

sorry if I was not too clear on my first post.

what I meant was, to calculate year and day age, I can directly use python built-in methods from datetime modules, but to calculate the month age, I need to do some algorithms.

are there any python methods available to directly do it? or is it that we have to create our own function (or algorithm like i did) to calculate it? somehow I feel not satisfied with the counting month age algorithm that I used.

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i dont think there is, the code looks fine and the only real improvement you can make is to just neaten it up a bit and perhaps add more comments to the age calculation algorithm

ok, thanks a lot for the input.

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no problem, perhaps you could post your code for others to see if searching?

sorry, I don't really understand what you mean by posting my code. my code is displayed above, right?

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oh yeah sorry, i had forgotten that you didnt make any changes to the code, thats what i meant, that if you had changed it if you would

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