Hi all,

I'm pretty fluent with C#, but I was wondering what everyone's recommendations would be as far as an intermediate level book for C#. I pretty much have a grasp on the language, there's just some small details that I need to enhance my knowledge on: some interfaces, class structures, etc... I'm not looking for a 'hello world' complete beginners book. Any ideas? Thanks.

The book that turned me on to C# a few years ago was this one
But now you have LINQ, ASP, WPF etc. with of course a plethora of books covering the subjects.
For the moment I am reading this book it has more to do with math than with the ins and outs of C# but nevertheless:cool:

I'll look into that, thanks. For now I went ahead with 'Pro C# 2008 and the .Net 3.5 Platform.' It seems very in-depth.

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