hi, i was wondering if there are any free programs available that will allow me to edit source code, assemble & link it, debug and run it. The source code written in assembly is specific to the 68000 family of motorolla chipsets. i just think it would be useful for me to work on my projects at home as well as being in the labs at my university.

i forgot to mention that i'm running windows vista home premium at home so any software that you recommend should be free and compatible with vista (i already have ide68k and easy68k and they dont run the source code i have written in the labs). If you know of anything thats compatible with XP and not vista that will be acceptable as well as i can arrange to dual boot XP on my PC.

The editor we use at uni is called umacs and the assembler is asm68k. I dont know if this linux server will be suitable. I already have easy68k as well as ide68k. They are both good but neither of them will assemble and link my code let alone debug it. I know for sure that the source is 100% correct because it works at uni but not on my laptop :|