Hi Everyone,

I want the user to select via a checkbox for which employees to print a report.

I understand that on a continuous form checkboxes need to be bound to an underlying field.

I want the boolean field bound to the checkbox to reside in a WORK table, that is on the front end mdb.

I'm having trouble with the SELECT/JOIN:

a) Have 2 tables: LOG and WORK

b) The LOG table has as its last column: an autonum field,
that would relate to the WORK table's primary key.
The WORK table's fields are:
ForeignAutoNum Number Indexed-No duplicates
RowCheckBox Yes/no

c) I linked the tables using Tools/Relationships

The LOG table has rows. The WORK table is empty.

Hoped for sub-goal when viewing the SQL JOIN query results set:
When clicking on checkbox in the query results set:
the checkbox would be populated -and-
the associated automnum from the LOG table would be
populated in the query results set

so that if I would open the WORK table, I would see a
record with both fields populated.


The sql query below displays the correct rows, EXCEPT:

Getting the following error, when trying to click into a
checkbox, that is included in the results set of a query.....

" cannot enter value into blank field on 'one' side of outer join"

Any ideas or guidance or URLS would be so appreciated....

thank you so much in advance, Sandra

Wow. I'm not even sure I understand what you are asking. Is it possible to zip and attach the project?