I just designed a nice little program that lets me scroll through a database I made with little fuss. Now I have bypassed the first error's I was getting (something to do with ADO) but now I face a new problem. I can easily run the .exe on my computer (then computer i designed the program on) but when I move it to another computer it comes up with a strange error message. So I changed some of the properties and put the database file in c:/database.mdb then I swapped computers and put the database in the right directory but I still get this strange error message. It is saying something like CLASS NOT REGISTERED CLSID, i'm baffled.

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What ADO version is installed in the 2nd PC? Try to install the thast MDAC there.

Also, try to post the complete first "strange error message".


Post the relevant section of code also, say form_load if that's the portion of the EXE that's generating the error.


Im not really sure whats causing it I think taking the option of getting the latest MDAC would be the right cause to take and the error message is something like this

Class not registered
Looking for object with CLSID (0000003000203040)

It's that but with different numbers

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