ok guys my reputation altering power is 7, i will add to your reputation during ten days if you help me name the product dynamically from the command line using windows installer (.msi) setup project.

Thanks in advance.

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original! just in case you need it, here is some rep
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By name the product dynamically what do you mean? The "Product Name" code in the installer project's properties?

I have some ideas on what can be done. Do you want to maintain the same application and version GUIDs as well? That is very important to the installation process.


Think it this way, i have one .msi file and i want to create product instances from it. let say you have a setup project and it produces a product "A". i want to produce product "B" and "C" instances using that MSI. you will run the installer and pass a parameter then it will add a new product to the add remove programs menu.
It is doable, i just dont know how.

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