I am a newbie in PHP.I need to dynamically create check box based on the value in the combobox.Is AJAX the only solution?How do i get the value of check box?Thanks in advance.Pls help me out.

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You don't need ajax (well not for a simple implementation) - just js - use .append. Else you could include a hidden checkbox and have its class (CSS) change it to visible (e.g. class="hidden" could be display:none and then class="vis" would not have this property).

It depends how on the complexity of the implementation.


hello masters... :D
newbie want to ask about ajax combobox...

i just finished my ajax combobox and it work well in localhost.. but when i upload it to my web host (linux hosting). the combobox stop to work..

there are 5 files behind this combobox im not sure which one should i upload here

many thanks..
(im sorry for my poor english :D )


Did you see the "perhaps start a new thread instead?" link? If you don't give the whole info (code), how can anyone help you?

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