Hello friends...
I am Jasdeep Singh.
I am pursuing my B.Tech in civil engineering from DAVIET, Jalandhar..

I require some help urgently.

Actually, we have freshers on 4th September.
In freshers, we have one event in which we choose Mr. Turbunator from boys and Ms. Smile from girls.
I need such a software that, when audience sends a SMS on my mobile (which is connected to my laptop), that software reads the particular code and update the database with that code and that is displayed on the screen...

For example, we have 3 boys named A, B and C.
People send msg on my mobile as TUR A or TUR B or TUR C or sumthing like that.
That software should read this code and according to, if it is for A, the votes of A get increased by 1 and similarly for B & c.

As u know that, i m from Civil department, i don't have much knowledge about all the databases and VB coding.
So i request all of you to please help in this case.
My e-mail id is <removed>

Thanx in advance,
Jasdeep Singh

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For SMS google and yahoo are your friends as there are plenty of examples out there and I'd bet you could find some at pscode.com. As for the database stuff, you could use the Data Form Wizard with the code option to get you started in learning ADO.

Good Luck

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