I have three functions, a(), b() and c().

In function a() I need to call function b() and then after a 2 second delay call function c().

However, I can't use Thread.sleep(2000) as I need to be able to keep clicking on other buttons.

I think I need to use Threads a bit more, but I can't see how to delay the thread from starting
Thanks for any and all help.


When you create a thread you create it with a callback delegate and when you want to start it you call thread.Start() with an optional object as a parameter for information you want to pass to the thread.

If this operation is really as simple as you have indicated it is then you could use a BackgroundWorker to execute in the background. It supports reporting progress and a finished event. You can drop one on your form from the toolbox and wire up the events to call a() b() and c() and call Thread.Sleep(2000); inside of it since it is not running on the thread that paints your GUI, so you can keep clicking buttons.

Background worker! Brilliant!

I have just (before I read your post) managed to do it with a thread, starting a new thread and having Thread.sleep(1000) as the first line of the function called for the thread.

Which is "better"? I don't understand the differences between backgroundworker and a thread.

Thanks again.


A backgroundworker uses a thread... its really just a "drag and drop" version of a simple thread. Unless you're writing very processor intensive code then you don't need to worry about the overhead difference. If i'm working on a form and doing something simple I usually pick the background worker

I'm glad you got it working

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I know this has been handled... but after reading through, why go so complicated? why not just use a timer control?

seems odd to create a new thread for the sole purpose of sleeping it.