I am trying to accomplish a Master Detail Display here.
The master item is ProductName and Child items are the details of the Product.
Dell Desktop V305
- Model: Black - 23877487y24y
- Mother Board - Intel ....
- RAM - 3 GB DDR
HP Printer
- Ink Jet C 7770
- 4 Catridge
- Return Policy: blah blah

The ProductName (Master) comes from one table and children come from another. They are linked by Inventory_Item_Id.

I am cleaning up someones code. so I am restricted to datareader and nested repeater.
Please help me with how to go about it.

thanks for the help in advance.

What have you tried so far? And you are referring to the ASP.NET repeater, correct? This question belongs in the ASP.NET forum.

Show us what you have so far and we can work from there.

Thank you for your suggestion. I have moved the thread to ASP.NET Forum. Post No: post967202
I have also posted my code. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Normally you should click on the "Flag bad post" option and have a moderator move the thread -- not create a duplicate thread. Its part of learning the forums I guess :)

Oops! Sorry abt that. Have "flagged" it and asked it to be removed.

thank you!