I am looking for a good book to buy that will help me with creating charts/graphs using info from a database. Ive been told that using mschart is the best way to do it now all i need is a book on how to do it!? can anybody help? Ive heard that Advanced Visual Basic 6 2nd edition will do this for me, can anybody verify this? Ive looked in the table of contents but cant find reference to creating charts.

Any help is much appreciated !

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I'm not sure that I know of any charts and graphs books regarding VB. All the VB books I've ever seen have a pretty general tone, and cover a variety of things. The only book, that I've ever seen that was specific, was a VB book covering the API. If I run across anything though, I'll make sure to post it.


After doing a bit more searching on amazon.co.uk etc I managed to find a book that looks interesting and may well do the job!

Beginning Visual basic 6 database programming

Anybody looked at this book before? Or even heard of this? Ive seen the contents page and it has at least 10-15 pages all about mschart, I dont know what it tells you about it or anything but this is more than I have discovered in other books !


any body help me how can i make a chart by visual basic and the data is already in database

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